For the week of October 15, 2017

Family Activities at King of Kings Lutheran Church

October 28 - Fall Festival!  Come play games, fling pumpkins with a trebuchet, bounce in the bouncy house, get your face painted.  Costumes optional! 1:00-3:00 PM.

November 10 -Veteran’s Day Movie Night.  Join us for a potluck and movie at 6:00pm.

November 25 –Taproot Play!  Join us in the sanctuary to at 2:00 PM for Taproot Theater’s Touring Play Improv in a Pear Tree.



JOIN IN THE FUN as King of Kings hosts Taproot Theater Company’s Touring Play Improv in a Pear Tree, November 25th at 2:00pm.  Going home for the holidays is a special sort of adventure full of road trips, family traditions and the crazy characters we call friends and family. This year, Taproot’s Improv Team is bringing you the story of a pair of newlyweds sharing their first Christmas. Using suggestions from the audience, the actors create the characters, traditions and circumstances to create a hilarious and unexpected holiday story you won’t forget. No two performances are the same! Improv in a Pear Tree is written by Emily Shuel and directed by Danny Walter.

PARSONAGE PROGRESS As a way of keeping everyone informed on the progress towards updating the Parsonage, I will be write a weekly update. Time is getting short, we need to be ready for Pastor Both’s family to move in by the end of November. We are starting to paint and we can use your help. Come on Saturdays starting at 10:00. Bring your painting cloths and joy the fun.  For those who wish to come on week days we will find things for you to do. If you wish to help contact Cindy Reishus or me. Dennis Dyson

WORK PARTY on October21 and October 28.  We will be painting the parsonage and we could sure use some help.

CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! The Fall Carnival is coming October 28.  We hope to see everyone there!  It will be a fun time to reach out to the Renton Community with games, storytelling, face painting and more! Also, we need candy donations.  There will be a box for donated candy in the Narthex.

HELP WITH THE WEEKLY CLEANING. Kristi Dyson and a few other wonderful people have been coming in to clean on Mondays, and they could use some help.  If you can run a vacuum and can come in on Mondays, please visit with Kristi.  She would be very grateful!

DO YOU HAVE A HEART FOR YOUNG CHILDREN?  Do you have a creative gift of teaching children?  Pray and ask God if he is leading you to join the SS staff as a teacher for the 3-5-year-old class.  Training and mentoring are available.  Contact Jason Hennig or Aletha Voges.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS.  The following positions will be voted on at the semi-annual voter’s meeting in December: president, vice president, member at large and several elder positions.  Prayerfully consider these positions and contact either Kristi Dyson or Julie Arndt if you would like to serve or suggest a nomination.  Kristi Dyson

HELP WITH THE WEEKLY CLEANING. Kristi Dyson and a few other wonderful people have been coming in to clean on Mondays, and they could use some help.  If you can run a vacuum and can come in on Mondays, please visit with Kristi.  She would be very grateful!

INK CARTRIDGES – We are again collecting ink cartridges.  Staples allows us to turn in 10 every month for cash to be used as credit at the store.  In July, we had $20 to spend, which was used to purchase school supplies for LWR.  We can also

purchase other office supplies needed for the church, Sunday school, or a committee.

It’s Still All About Jesus

Sunday, October 29, 2017

2:30 p.m. Fellowship and Exhibits

4:30 p.m. Festival Worship

Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, WA

9900 Willows Rd NE, Redmond, WA 98052

THE ENDOWMENT FUND COMMITTEE will be accepting requests for the distribution of funds until October 31, 2017.  Disbursement Proposal forms can be obtained from church documents page by signing in to our website at, or pick one up from the Office. Please return it to the Church Office. For more information on the Endowment Fund, please contact Dwaine Mittag or see the longer article in the September newsletter.

Matthew 22:5 – ‘But they paid no attention and went off, one to his farm, another to his business.’ The invitation to join God in His feast and in His work is easily ignored. The rest of life seems so much more pressing, and we always think that there will be another time when we can catch back up with God. But what joys are we missing when we set aside God’s invitation to join Him in His plans and purposes? What inheritance are we trading for the world’s bowl of pottage?







What is FIRST LEGO League Jr.?

It’s never too early to discover STEMFIRST LEGO League Jr.* is designed to introduce STEM concepts to kids ages 6 to 10 while exciting them through a brand they know and love − LEGO®.

The really cool thing about FIRST LEGO League Jr. is…all skill levels are welcomed and needed, technical or non-technical.


We will have two seasons next year.  One in the fall and one in the Spring. 

Would you like your child to be considered for a team? Email Suzy at to be added to the list.

We will begin sending out information when school starts in the fall.


Pre-School News


Come in, Come Play

with King of Kings

Preschool Today!



Enrollment for the 2017-2018

School Year began 

January 30, 2017

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