For the week of June 23, 2019



We will sing Patriotic songs and have a Barbeque & games after the service.  Please join us as we fellowship together and support our Youth group that is leaving next month to attend the National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis MN.

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! That means that there will be a lot of events around church, but it also means that some groups will be winding down for the year.  So please check with your group leader to find out if your group takes a summer break.

THE WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE CLASS is on summer break.  Keep an eye on the King’s News to find out when we will resume in the fall.

JOIN THE OWLS on Monday June 24th to go to lunch at the Mexcal Fresh in Renton. Meet at the restaurant at 11:30 am. The address is 15279 Maple Valley Hwy, the same space which NYP was in. The lunch cost will be in the $15-$17 range. Questions contact Bob Bliesner.

Sunny Dry weather is here!  Volunteers are needed to water plants on the church grounds.  This requires 2.5 hours one day per week.  Help us keep our landscaping healthy to glorify our Heavenly Father. Please call Ralph or Joan Linderman 253-631-7142


10. Help kids build a ferocious faith in Jesus!
9. You’ve always wanted to go on a safari.
8. You’ll have so much fun, all your worries will seem irrELEPHANT.
7. Get a Chance to ROAR praises to God.
6. It’s a jungle out there, no one here will be HIPPO-critical.
5. Nowhere else can you have such a WILD good time!
4. It will be the MANE event of the summer!
3. No LION – the snacks are free!
2. Helping kids know God will be an ext-ROAR-dinary experience!
And the #1 reason you might want to sign up: Because VBS is not just about one week… IT’S ABOUT ETERNITY!!!

CHECK IT OUT! Concordia Publishing House is sponsoring a summer reading program.  They are challenging us to “Let God’s Word Brighten Your Path”.  There are coupons for buying books and prizes for all ages!  Check out all the details at

PRODUCE FOR THE FOOD BANK - When planting your vegetable garden, think about the food bank and plant a little extra. Fresh vegetables and fruit are greatly appreciated by our food bank’s recipients.  Thank you!

AROMA NEUTRAL/SCENT FREE: This is one of the comments from one of our members regarding fragrances and scents, “Pastor, when I smell certain things, my nasal and bronchial passages constrict and I have to leave. If it gets bad, I have to use an emergency inhaler or maybe even go to the emergency room.” Thank you for being considerate of the needs of others and working towards a more aroma neutral/scent free worship environment.

Luke 8:37“Then all the people of the surrounding country of the Gerasenes asked him to depart from them, for they were seized with great fear. So he got into the boat and returned.” The Gerasenes are upset with Jesus because His ministry led to the loss of their pig herd and their wealth. They want Jesus to go away before He does any more damage to their bottom line. Their priorities are clear. What about our priorities? Is the work and ministry of Jesus worthy of our support and the sacrifice of some of our wealth?



Join us August 5-9 for Vacation Bible School! Click here to register now.


For more information contact Suzy Hennig -